Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loverdose

Loverdose is a UK based online dating site, Social Network. We provide an environment for people living in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales to safely seek a suitable person to connect with - initially online and maybe at some point to meet on a real date. Loverdose has a large database of suitably approved men and women, with photographs and information about themselves. They join as Free members and can optionally upgrade. As a new member you would be able to instantly search for suitable partners by selecting the ages you want to pick from, and the County where they live.

You can also send an icebreaker - a batch of messages to everyone who fits your criteria. Then wait for some replies, and hopefully find someone you can connect with and get to know better. Or just find someone you like and send them a Wink.

How do I know Loverdose will make my quest for love successful?

We don't guarantee that you will find true love - no-one can guarantee that. A lot of it is up to you to make good use of Loverdose - post a good photo and profile to make yourself irresistible. Wink or Message as many members as you can handle, and make the time to reply. Put some effort into finding a mate. All we can say is that with over a half a million members of the opposite sex the chances of finding the right person are very high indeed..

How much will it cost me?

It's Free for everyone to join. We make it free initially so you can browse around to see if there is anyone you fancy. If there's no-one takes your eye then you have nothing to lose. Just ask us to close your account (USE THE PROCEDURE OUTLINED IN OUR HELP & SUPPORT SECTION)

How many members are there and what age ranges are they?

We have over 6 million UK members. Ages range from 18 to 100 years old. We have more men than women at the moment.

How can I pay for my Loverdose membership?

There are a number of convenient options for members to pay. You have a choice of how long you want to be a full member for - from 1 week to 12 months. The longer the period you commit to the lower the daily cost is - it starts at just 25p per day. You can pay by using most credit cards.


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