You're already at a pretty good place to start - a dating site.
But it's not always that easy, even with all the help in the world it's often a struggle to find the exact, right person to share your life with. Some people are lucky - they find someone, maybe by chance, maybe through other friends, that they click with straight away. Everyone is different (that's lucky too, 'cos we'd never want to be the same - clones) and being as we are - we might be shy, timid, lacking in social skills - while we see others showing off their skills in confidence, out-going personality or sometimes sheer loudness. Traditional dating was hard for many people. Dating was initiated by actually going out - having the means and opportunities to go somewhere for a chance to meet someone. If you're quiet and shy you never get started. That's why dating online makes it easier for quiet people. You can do it all from at home in your room. You have time to think of things to say. You gain confidence whilst communication with a virtual person (OK, they are real, but they can't see you blush). Once you get a response from a Loverdose member, it's best to reply promptly and keep them interested in you. Give a reply, even if it's just a few words. Even a WINK could do - it lets them know you're thinking of them.

Try to chat as much as you can online before you meet someone for a drink or dinner. Tell them as much as you're happy to, so you paint a full and true picture of your likes, dislikes, hopes and aspirations. You'll find that if you tell, or ask, they will respond in the same way. So get chatting - that's how it starts.

It pays to make a list of what you're looking for, and stick to it strictly. If you send too many winks, messages or icebreakers to people that don't fit your needs, then you may be wasting time on relationships that won't go anywhere, while other, better matches might get lost in Loverdose cyber-space. Be realistic about your age range - stick to someone within a few years of your own age. Most people will only respond to someone of an appropriate age. Some men foolishly believe that winking at a girl 20 years younger might lead to a dream coming true, but in fact it rarely gets anywhere. To help you with your Needs List, browse a few profiles and look at Income, Height, Hair Colour, Body Type etc. and mark down any of these qualities that are important to you in your Loverdose quest.

In the same way as the last section a list can help. There are things you'd want to exclude - people older or younger than your ideal partners age, religious beliefs, body type, location etc. Loverdose has a useful email service, with an inbox, and a history of your communications with other members is stored. Use these tools wisely and delete email messages from people that don't fit what you're looking for, so that you can quickly refer back to those who are genuinely high on your list.

Every Loverdose member has their own profile page - that's your page - your advert, selling yourself to other Loverdose members - one of them might become someone special in your life. Spend some time getting a good photo, preferably 4 or 5 good photo's and writing a profile that's clearly inviting some interest. Use the diary feature too and update your status regularly - even if you have nothing astounding to say - because all these features get you noticed. The more updates you publish the more often your name will appear on potential friends pages. If you're paying good money to be on Loverdose make sure you get the full value.

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These tips are appropriate for males and females, but written in the "for male" tense, as they seem to be the worst offenders when it comes to writing a seductive dating profile. Yes, seductive is the right word. There's a big, wide world out there, and our Loverdose members are busy making contact with people they like the look and sound of. You have to make your profile sound irresistible, captivating and the ultimate seduction tool to win the attention of someone. Keep it true and honest, but make it short, snappy and straight to the point. Don't make the point exactly what you want. "Looking for sex" is not the best line (but it sometimes works) . Better to tease and tempt with what might be on offer if they respond to you.

The prime function of your profile is to make that first LINK in the chain. If you don't get any offers, change it, re-write it and when it works stick to it.

Make your profile humorous and different to other people's profile - but it's a good idea to take a look at what other people write to get inspired. Your profile is the bit that sells YOU. Convey in as few words as possible a message that invites a response.

Try to be sensitive in what you say. Don't be too rude - it can put people off straight away - plenty of chances to be naughty or cheeky when you get going provided someone gets to know you better. Read and re-read what you have typed. Check for bad spelling or grammar. Read it as if someone else who doesn't know anything about you is looking at it. How would it come over? Take out every bit of text that does not help to sell you. Get a friend to read it (if you have one).

Photographs should be of you and show your face and/or body. You can put multiple photos on your profile, so get uploading. Don't show distant shots. Try to get a good focus. Let people see what you're like - warts and all - because they will see it all on your first date anyway.

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Many people are joining dating sites, and many for a variety of needs or reasons. Loverdose lets you add in your profile "what you are looking for" which could be ROMANCE, SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP, FRIENDSHIP or MARRIAGE. Underlying those "labels" are a number of other reasons for people choosing to go online to find a relationship. Online Dating is evolving from the traditional matchmaking function, to a social arena for people to make contact with others to maybe find a common link, interest or need. Many people just chat online and never intend to meet anyone for a date. Others will meet, socialise and make new friends, and the relationship stays as "friends" and can grow into a circle of friends. It gives company and "someone to go out with" for many people.

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Once you have established what each of you is after, then work out a strategy for moving the relationship forward. The typical way, after making first contact is to find out as much as you can about each other by chatting online, moving on as fast as you are both comfortable with, through swopping email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, arranging a first meeting and also subsequent conversations can be made via chat and messaging. Note - it is not wise, and profiles will be deleted if you put an email address in your profile details. Members that do this cannot be protected by the safety filters offered by the Loverdose system.

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Actually you can say whatever you want, but it's wise to follow a few protocols if you want the experience to work for you. Treat online dating as near as you can to meeting and talking to someone face to face. The things you say or ask should be relevant to how well you know the person you're talking to. Some people make the mistake of being too direct, too forward, suggesting inappropriate things too soon. The result is - Switch OFF. They might not want to know you. So take your time. Have patience. We all know you want to end up between the sheets with someone attractive, but don't make that desire your first request. I think you know what I mean. If you don't - then maybe this is not right for you?

We're all here to have fun finding Mr or Mrs Right. But in this real world there are a few people, thankfully not too many, who will try to deceive you. Sometimes these people get in to Loverdose, but when we find them they are booted out swiftly. This is for your protection (and our reputation). If you come across any other members who don't seem to be honest, say odd unexpected things, don't appear to talk using the right grammar or context you'd expect, or even make mistakes and forget their own name (it happens) then there's a one click facility to report them Please use this, even if you're mistaken and we will check them out.

Take care of your own personal safety - we hate to preach, but people still make these mistakes - so just a few rules.

  • Never give out too many personal details - like email address, phone number, address, credit card details etc.
  • Never, ever send anyone any money - if anyone asks just report them and we will check their integrity.
  • Never click on a web address or link that they suggest - it might be bogus, and cost you a lot.
  • Think about your first date. Ask yourself the what-if questions. What if he's not like his photo. Who can I call if I don't like the date. Should we meet somewhere where I can get away quickly if required. Should I tell, someone where i'm going.
  • and the big one - don't agree to get married to someone you have only met online, and have never seen in the flesh. People actually do this and there are so many sad outcomes. You MUST really meet someone before you commit to too much.

Having gone through the rules, the most important one has been left until last.

Get in there, get active, have fun and we promise that there is someone out there for anyone and everyone.

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