Everyone loves a good Love Story. Some people experience the matching and meeting game and make their own Love Story.

Love can be amazing. We invite our members to tell us about their love experiences. Not what you did between the sheets, but how you met your lover, funny stories about things that hapenned on the way, romantic gestures, how he proposed or even your Horror Love Story.

Let us have your stories.


Brenda and Patrick - an eventful first date.
Brenda wrote to us to tell us about her first date with someone she met at Loverdose. Brenda says "I joined Loverdose and on the very first day, after putting in all my information I got a message from Patrick. I actually got 12 other messages from other men, but Patrick's stood out. Plus he was only 3 miles from me. We chatted for ages and I recall how late it was that I got to bed that night. I found it hard to say goodnight.

A week later we met for our first date. It was just a coffee in a local Cafe. I was quite nervous, aware that sometimes people don't live up the expectations you imagine online. Patrick was waiting outside for me - so thoughtful. After a few awkward moments of nervousness I had calmed down and thought to myself. This is amazing - too good to be true. He was perfect.

He'd been married for 12 years but now divorced. He had 2 kids who were now grown up with families of their own. He worked as a driver for Tesco and was interested in all the things I was. He'd even gone to the same school as me, but 6 years before me.

The date got a bit funnier after we agreed to take a drive outinto the countryside and go for a walk. He parked up his car on a grassy verge and we walked into the woods. I was half expecting (and hoping) that he would grab me for a long passionate kiss, but he was too much of a gentleman. Instead we walked and chatted and time ran out so he suggested he drove me home. A quick peck on the cheek as we sat in the car. He started the car, pressed the accellorator and we didn't move. The wheels spinned in the wet grass. No matter how he tried the car would not budge. The wheels sank in a muddy mess.

Patrick was so calm. He just picked up his mobile and rang a friend. About 20 minutes later a tractor chugged towards us. That 20 minutes wait, our luaghter and fun, was life changing for me. I knew I loved that man already. Once onto tarmac. he took me home, kissed me for the first time - oooohhh! and I went home completely happy.

12 months later and we are engaged we still laugh about how our first date, with a bit of drama and a lot of fun, was the start of a fantastic relationship. We are both so, so happy. Joining Loverdose was the best thing I have ever done. Thankyou.


We hope you enjoyed our members stories and one day soon you'll be so happy in love that you too want to tell the world. Let us have your stories.